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Our Privacy Policy is designed to tell you about our practices on the subject of collection, use, and disclosure of information that you provide us for loan application and acquisition. This Website is not for minors. So, don’t use it if you are below 18.

We collect personal information( Such as name, date of birth, telephone number, mailing and home address, zip code, email address, social security number, bank account information, financial information, employment information, and driver’s license number, etc) and Non-personal information( for example- Internet Protocol (IP) address, your exact timing to visit our website, operating system, browser type, the page you visit on our website and the domain name from which you accessed the Website) only to help you get our cash services to you from our credit lenders easily and comfortably. We never share your data with any third party (apart from our credit lenders) for our personal gain. We direct all our clients to visit the website of third parties as we are not responsible for their action.

Responsible Lending:

At Payday Quids, we follow responsible lending practices to make it sure that you not borrowing more than you afford. Our credit lender doesn’t offer more than 30% of your net come when you borrow loan from them at the first time. Once you repay your loan on time, you become a reliable loan borrower and then you loan amount can be raised. We send our clients a reminder email two full days prior to their repayment date so that they make loan repayment on time and avoid NSF charges from the bank. A reminder for loan repayment is send to borrowers on the actual repayment date. All fees related to the loan are displayed on our website. Please review them carefully before being agreed to a particular loan deal.

We develop a business relationship with those credit borrowers only who have met the terms and conditions of our loan services and are capable of repaying the loan without any difficult. We don’t arrange loans for people receiving pension, independent contractors, substitute teachers, Employment Insurance Benefits, disability.

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