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When you use this website, you become agreed to the terms and conditions and things mentioned in our privacy policy. As a matter of fact, we are a loan matching service and we transfer your application to the maximum number of credit lenders associated with us with an intention to increase your chances for getting approved for suitable loan deals.

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It's better for you to confirm all the details yourself before proceeding further and taking a loan. Make sure you completely understand your loan agreement before being agreed to it.

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We keep making changes in our "terms of use". In the same way, our associated credit lenders do the same. Before you use the website and initiate the loan application process, please have a look at the terms page to avoid further problem.

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Do I Qualify?

At Payday Quids, our paperless online application makes it easier for you to access the money you need quickly to sort out your immediate financial problems. Simply apply with us now and get small funds up to £1000 for a short period of time. Funds are deposited directly into your specified bank account without charging any extra money on you:

  • An active bank account that accepts online cash transactions,
  • Be at least 18 years of age while applying for the loan,
  • Must have been employed with a well-known financial firm or company with payslip,
  • A monthly salary of at least £1000 or more and
  • The applicants don't have an outstanding short-term loan.

When you apply with us, we check your details and if all your details are correct, we transfer your details to our panel of credit lenders and they get in touch with you with several attractive and lucrative loan packages. Do a little bit research and compare different proposals of loan and choose the right one suitable for both your needs and repayment potential.

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